Group Governance

Chaired by Agha Rehan Raza Khan, Present Chief Operating Officer of the Treeland Jets Inc., Immense Enterprises Pvt. Limited, Treeland Estate Builders and Developers Pvt. Limited, Treeland Petroleum Pvt. Limited, the Board of Directors is made up of 13 members, of whom five are from outside the Group. It defines the Treeland Group’s strategy and draws on the work of the three BoD committees: the CSR Committee, the Risks, Auditing and Accounts Committee, and the Appointments, Remunerations and Governance Committee.

Treeland is headed by Rehan Raza Khan the Group’s Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Committee has 15 members. It implements the strategy defined by the Board of Directors and oversees the Group’s operational activity.

The Ethics Committee is made up of 10 members and chaired by Mr. Simon Munich Germany, an independent director.

Management System

Delivering quality services and solutions to clients is a major preoccupation of the Treeland Group. And this depends on the expertise of our staff but also on the processes that allow teams to work together in an efficient, reliable manner, improve their working methods day to day, and share their individual and collective experience and know-how.

An organization dedicated to serving our clients Treeland’s priority goals and commitments in terms of quality, health, safety and sustainable development are drawn together in an integrated management system based on compliance with international benchmarks. This Management System is implemented by all group entities worldwide, whether or not they have obtained local certification, ensuring that the company and its project assignments are managed sustainably and in the best possible way.

Quantitative and qualitative performance indicators are used regularly to monitor the extent to which objectives are met. A summary of these results is then presented during the annual Management Review.

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